Peter The Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University

Students from Polytechnic University in London at the Students symposium!

Student symposium of the associations of leading universities «World Class Universities in World Cities» (WC2) was held from 9 to 14th of August, 2015. Association organized Student symposium for the first time.

8 students and 4 representatives  from different institutes of SPBSPU participated in the forum.

            Kseniia Streletc vice-director of the Institute of Civil Engineering, Darya zavorova and aleksandr Tereshenko, graduate students ICE, Darya Nemova, graduate student ICE, Ekaterina Sokolova, graduate student IPET participated in the project of «Eko-campus».

            18  undergraduate and postgraduate students of SPBSPU in association with undergraduate and postgraduate students  of WC2 created strategy of «CO2 zero Campus for City University of London».

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