Peter The Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University


«Industrial Heat and Power Engineering» department was founded in 1994 according to the request of Administration of St. Petersburg and National Enterprise «Fuel-Energy Complex of Saint-Petersburg».

Professor Borovkov V.M., DSc, academician of St. Petersburg Engineer Academy was appointed as the head of the department.

Major tasks for the newly founded department were the following:

  • to provide engineers for district heating cogeneration and heating systems and for industrial enterprises;
  • to prepare highly qualified specialists in «Industrial Heat and Power Engineering»;
  • to increase scientific studies in the field of district heating cogeneration and heating systems as well as improve energy sector of industrial enterprises.

First group admitted consisted of 12 students. In 1999 due to the request of the governor of Leningrad region university accepted one more group of students. It was the beginning of vocational training for complex system of fuel and energy personnel in Leningrad region.

Growth of students’ numbers demanded the increase of academic staff. Associated professors Kalyutik A.A., Sergeev V.V. defended their PhD thesis. Other professors were well experienced in practical issues through years of working in industrial sector such as Professors Zysin K.V., Kiselev V.G , associated professors Steshenkov K.P., Morshin V.N., Petrushchenkov V.A., Tuznikov M.A., Mokrovskii S.N. Professor Chernyh V.N. transfered from St.Petersburg State Transport University and professor Amosov N.T. fom Northern-West State Technical University.

University provided the department with new premises in the 8th building. Complex redecoration of the department was held by JSC «Lenenergo», SUE « Fuel-energy complex of Saint-Petersburg» and others.

Professor Petrushenkov V.A. made a great impact on the education process at the department, , later on Sergeev V.V. continued that work. New special courses were introduced, such as «Hydraulics», « Pipeline Systems», «Heating and Aeration», «Local Heating Cogeneration and Heating Systems», «Equipment of Heat Stations», «Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine and Gas Setting», «Regimes of CHP and Boiler Rooms», «Corrosion of Heating Systems and Methods to control it» and others. Textbooks for some of the above-mentioned courses were published by the department and they significantly facilitated the assimilation of study material by student.

Important part of the education process is field practice. Repair-fitting practice is held at JSC «Lenenergo», «Sevzapenergomontazh», and operational practice at 17 CHP «Lenenergo», Nothern-West CHP, Piskarevckaya and Severo-Murinskaya bolier rooms «Fuel-energy complex of Saint-Petersburg». Undergraduate interships are provided by enterprises such as «Lenenergo», «Fuel-energy complex of Saint-Petersburg», «Atomenergoproeknt» and some others.

From the very beginning major scientific focus of the department has been improvement of heat power equipment and participation in programs of technical re-equipment of the industry. Important aspect of this work was the program of transformation industrial and heating boiler rooms into to small scale CHPs. Contractual works for the State Unitary Enterprise “Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg” and other organizations were carried out according to aforementioned program.

As professor Zysin L.V. joined the department a new scientific direction of gas generating technology using a variety of biomass as fuel was opened. Professor Kiselyov V.G. started the research of corrosion processes in heating networks of heating systems and gas pipelines, as well as developing methods and schemes to protect against corrosion.

The Department had creative connections with foreign organizations in Finland, Sweden, the United States and other countries. Academic staff of the Department participated in international seminars and conferences.

Second decade of Department’s growth was devoted to the improvement of educational process, training specialists for organizations and energy companies in Northwest Russia, strengthening the academic staff of the department.

In December 2012 Rector of St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University made a decision to unite department of “Industrial Power Engineering” and “Nuclear and Heat Power Plants” under the name of “ Nuclear and Heat Power Engineering”. Professor Sergeev V.V., DSc was appointed the head of the new department.

Currently, the department is located in a building of Polytech Technopark . Head of the Department conducted Sergeyev V.V. and Chief of Research Laboratory Derevyanko O.V. carried out a major task of reconstructing and reequipping new premises. Cherkasets E.I., head of educational laboratory, put a lot of efforts into organizing educational process at the department.

Scientific Research Laboratory “Industrial power systems” established in 2013 at the Department is successfully developing, covering more and more new trends in the energy market.

Highly skilled specialists and laboratory experts have extensive experience, underpinned by the fundamental knowledge in the field of power and heat, and at the same time they keep up with the latest advanced technologies, which are also embodied in the activities of the Lab.

RL has all necessary licenses, including issued by FSB, that gives permission to work with data with security classifications, as well al Self-regulating organization certificate.

From a technical point of view the laboratory is fully equipped with new high-performance computer equipment and software. Also RL has all necessary measuring equipment , such as thermal imaging, heat flux density and temperature measuring, thermohygrometers, anemometers, gas analyzers, 3D-printer and many more.

At the moment the laboratory has completed more than 50 heat and water supply circuits made for urban settlements, including such as Ozersk, Petrozavodsk, Kislovodsk, Syzran, etc and circuits for cities like Murmansk, Barnaul, Tomsk and Yekaterinburg are being developed right now.

Expert Technical Council held more than 85 examinations of settlements heat and water circuits. Such works as the integrated development program, 3D-modeling and manufacturing models for energy facilities are highly demanded.

Main activities:

  • Development and updating of heat supply, water supply and sanitation, as well as the development of programs for the integrated development of the territories, settlements and municipalities with electronic models, developed on the basis of software calculated systems – Zulu Thermo, Zulu Hydro, Zulu Drain, Zulu Gas
  • Examination of heat supply, water supply, sanitation, programs of integrated development of engineering infrastructure
  • Conducting energy audits and energy audits of energy facilities, industrial plants and utilities sector
  • Development of energy passports
  • Development of energy efficiency programs and the introduction of energy-saving and resource-saving technologies and so forth.
  • Simulation and calculation of thermal schemes of CHP (boiler), using software-calculated set of United Cycle
  • Development of design estimates for capital construction, reconstruction and repair of fuel and energy complex and engineering systems of buildings, as well as the objects of capital construction of residential and public purposes.
  • 3D-modeling and manufacturing energy facilities models
  • Enterprises estimated sanitary protection environmental supervision zone projects development
  • Training of specialists in the field of energy and supplies and work with software and computational complexes
  • Development of a computational software systems.

In the field of research and training department of Nuclear and Heat Engineering is working in close collaboration with the large industrial enterprises and research centers, such as : the North-West CHP, Southwest CHP of JSC “TGC-1″, the state corporation “Rosatom” State Organization “Russian Energy Agency”, JSC “VNIPIenergoprom”, JSC “Gazpromneft”, State Unitary Enterprise “Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg”, and others.

Scientists and graduates of the department have been making a great contribution into the development of energy sector of Russia. Now Power Engineering branch, which includes Nuclear and Heat Engineering department, is one of the leading training centers with a unique educational and experimental base for heat power engineering, power and transport engineering, preparing highly skilled professionals.