Peter The Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University

International master’s program is heating up

This year we have achieved the unbelievable success in the internationalization of our university, thanks to the State Federal program “5-100-2020”. Results are obvious by the increased amount of lectures hold by foreign “visiting” professors.

The new fall semester 2015/2016 was opened by the course of lectures in “Renewable Energy: Resources and Technologies”, read by the Italian prof. Gianguido Piani (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria).

Besides academic success, this visit was also the first step by fruitful collaboration in the energy field. It was decided to continue cooperation and repeat a visit in April 2016, attract professor to read also courses in Russian, participate in the co-supervision and develop renewable technologies in Russia.

#SPbPU_PowerPalntEngineering, #ПолитехПетра