Peter The Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University

Winter School – 2016 “Nuclear Engineering”

Politech zimjiPeriod: January, 25 – February, 06 2016

Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University on behalf of the Institute of Energy and Transport System presents its new Polytechnic Winter School of Nuclear Engineering.

The School provides the unique opportunity to attend intensive academic program, which is composed of different lectures in nuclear engineering with experience from professors of European countries, with different opinions and approach.

All studies are developed accordingly to the European requirements and can be recognized as a period abroad.

Upon successful completion of the course students are awarded with 5 ECTS credits.

Target audience

The School is opened for Russian and foreign students with specialized background in Nuclear Engineering.

Company visit: Leningradskaya NPP.

The list of attached files and news:

  1. Schedule Winter School
  2. General information St.Petersburg SPbPU
  3. List of delegates
  4. Visit to NPP. Group 1
  5. Visit to NPP. Group 2
  6. Visit to NPP. Group 3

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