Peter The Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University

Summer Scools 2016


Department of “Nuclear and Heat Engineering”, was founded in 1994 as a part of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems of  Peter the Great. St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

 Mission of the department:

 Preserving the best traditions of higher school education, we are always open to innovations.

Strategic goals:

1. Development of research and innovation in the university in the field of nuclear and heat power;

2. Training highly skilled engineering staff of international level;

3. Development and implemention of innovative ideas in order to boost Russian energy potential;

4. Students community development, opening international Master degree programs and collaboration with world leading universities.

Our program:

1. The involvement of local and international students in academic and scientific activities. Any idea should not be overlooked and can contribute to the development.

2. Flexible and dynamic response to changing internal and external factors of the environment and development of self-organized student community.

3. Integrating world experience of higher education in order to improve national education, while maintaining parity between tradition and innovation;

4. Ensuring the interaction of students with international delegations, organizing international lectures, and involving  people working directly in the field of heat and nuclear power into educational process.

5. Expanding the scope of research activities on the basis of multidisciplinary university.